Here’s a collection of projects I’m particularly proud of.


These are whole-scale web applications I’ve either engineered, or have contributed toward. Some will include full-stack development, while others are consolidated front-ends. Either way, they are considered finished products.

Command-Line Tools

These are some command-line tools I’ve developed over the years.

  • λtext
    A templating engine for text files, inspired by functional programming.
  • ws
    An interactive cURL-like CLI for interacting with WebSocket servers.


Here are some libraries I’ve developed.

  • IntSet.js
    A set implementation for bigints.
  • Shpadoinkle
    A web application framework for Haskell and GHCJS.

Toy Projects

These are some projects I developed without much seriousness in mind.

  • Weather Checker
    A simple location-based weather information application with 3d effects.