Finance, Auth0, Stripe, WebAssembly, Haskell, Rust, Docker
Development Date:
2022-06-21 – 2022-10-27


Budgetable is a budget management and personal finance forecasting tool. It doesn’t store any financial information on any server, and performs all calculations in the browser. The front-end is written in Rust, and the microservices are written in Haskell. It is a proof-of-concept for writing a complete application with Auth0 logins and registration, Stripe payment processing, and PostgREST as a persistent storage system.

Budgetable Icon


Budgetable has a few key features that distinguish it from traditional assistive finance tools. Its design accomplishes the following goals:

  • It empowers people to organize their accounts and budgets
  • It allows people to forecast their accounts’ values based on thier budgets
  • It does not store any financial information to remote servers or databases


The system has a moderately simple design, but still chooses to leverage a couple of external services for tricky matters that require high security: Auth0 for credential management, and Stripe for payment processing.

It is built with the following systems as well:

The product is closed-source, however if you would like a tour of the infrastructure, please contact me so we may schedule a meeting.